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Photo - 2D

The links refer either to software that I regularly use or sites that I frequently visit.
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GIMP The famous application GIMP is indispensable for retouch and bitmap design. As one would expect from such an application, GIMP supports layers, masks, channels and paths and has a whole range of selection, transformation, filter and correction tools.
Hugin To create a panorama in a professional way, one cannot miss Hugin. It is capable of correcting lens imperfections such as barrel and pincushion distortion, vignetting and even transverse chromatic aberration as well as perspective distortion.
Inkscape When I need to make a vector drawing, I use Inkscape. It is not quite on par with proprietary solutions, but since its forking in 2003, development has been fast and new features are added regularly. Moreover, it should be noted that one of its targets is to be fully compliant with SVG and XML standards. Rolf Steinort offers on his website a weekly video podcast on GIMP. He shows how to use GIMP at an easy pace, with a focus on photography. Other news releated to open source photography software appears as well. He has created a photo group at where viewers of this show can share their pictures.